Small & Wild tea is super versatile. We love that we can serve it warm, over ice or even turn it into lollies or include it in other recipes!

For a regular cuppa

A warming cuppa brings comfort after a long day at school, as a pick-me-up during home schooling, after a cold park trip or from a flask during an autumnal woodland stroll.

  • Pop one plastic-free pyramid into a cup or small teapot
  • Fill with two thirds freshly boiled water and one third cold water and leave to brew for at least 5 minutes
  • For a stronger flavour you can leave your tea bag in (we rarely take our tea bags out!)
  • Please always check you re happy with the temperature before giving it to your child

2 children drinking cups of herbal tea in animal mugs

Making the perfect iced tea

Iced tea is a brilliant and healthy substitute for squash or juice and a delicious way to stay cool and hydrated in the summer (and year round!). We love it to rehydrate after a vigorous run around in the summer months, as a cold drink on our desks during home studies and in our school water bottles! Our fruity Jolly Croc and Merry Tiger teas work particularly well iced and we tend to make our iced tea in bigger batches - overnight in the fridge is our go to method.

Speedy Method: 

  • Put 5 teabags into a 1 litre jug and fill one third full with freshly boiled water.

  • Brew for at least 4 minutes.

  • Top up with two thirds cold water (we would recommend brewing for another 10 minutes at this stage).

  • Serve immediately with plenty of ice.

Easy Overnight Method

  • Put 5 teabags into a 1 litre jug and fill with enough freshly boiled water to just cover the teabags for 30 seconds.

  • Fill up the jug with cold water.

  • Pop in the fridge overnight.

  • This can also be performed in a cup or glass with a single tea bag, but be warned - you’ll probably end up wanting seconds!

Iced tea will last in the fridge if sealed/covered for up to 3 days (and 24hrs if you take it out and about with you).

Whichever method you use, always serve with ice where possible and try adding some fresh strawberries or raspberries for a fantastically fruity finish! 

Merry Tiger pear mango and raspberry blend as iced tea in glass bottle