Sticky Hot Cross Bun Recipe

In the run up to Easter, nothing beats a hot cross bun and a cup of tea in our books! 

This time last year, we spoke with the lovely Sarah at Little Crumbs, who gave us this super sticky hot cross bun recipe. We tried it out with our crew of small people and had so much fun weighing ingredients, spilling flour and kneading dough... plus we (I) also loved the extra educational element of measuring out squares of baking paper.

weighing ingredients for hot cross buns

The smell when they were baking was incredible. Even better, we all got to sit down and enjoy a hot cross bun with a cup of Small & Wild at the end! These pair particularly well with our Special Edition Toffee Apple and Mint Choco teas! girl kneading dough for hot cross buns

We substituted the strong flour for rye flour (as that was what we had available), which gave them a lovely nuttiness too. We'll try with strong flour next time to see how they compare. If you are concerned about sugar consumption, the dough recipe is actually very low in sugar and you can easily skip the sugar glaze (thought obviously that was a big hit here!)

Now they're begging us to make them next weekend too... 

hot cross buns in oven

Activities like cooking fit into the Small & Wild ethos perfectly. We love educating kids about what they put into their bodies to help them to develop healthy eating habits. Cooking is also a brilliant family activity and a great way to reduce screen time, develop maths and fine motor skills as well as increase confidence - nothing quite beats the pride of producing your own beautiful bake or wholesome meal.

Happy baking & tea drinking!

Kate & Becky x


recipe for hot cross buns
sticky hot cross bun recipe
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