Managing the Clock Change - Our top tips

With a large crew of little people who have a huge fear of missing out on the very exciting things that are surely happening past their bedtime and also then at the crack of dawn, we’ve got our eyes on the clock change coming this October and have been thinking about the best ways to manage it and help them (and us) towards a good night’s kip.

When the clocks went back pre-kids we looked forward to dark & cosy Autumnal evenings in and an extra hour in bed in the morning. Now of course things are a little different and whilst we might be able to get everyone into bed a little earlier than usual, we can also guarantee that they will be up a good hour earlier too!

We all know that sleep can be tricky at the best of times for some children (and probably most toddlers). We have a real mix of sleepers in our homes - from 7 year olds who nod off quickly and need to be woken every morning to stubborn 2 year olds who refuse to let their head hit the pillow, plus everything in between! With that in mind, we have pulled together some of our tried and trusted methods and tips for calmer evenings and better bedtimes. From yoga to audible and a cup of bedtime tea for kids, we’ve got it all covered.

1)    When the crew are feeling a little wound up post-school and need to reign in that nervous energy and gain some calm and focus, we love a Cosmic Kids Yoga session. It’s great to have something that balances movement and mindfulness and resets them for the evening. The lovely Jaime has curated everything from Frozen to Harry Potter themed routines so there is something for everyone – though we would recommend one of the bedtime yoga videos for full wind down vibes.

2)    Epsom baths have been aiding sleep and recovery for years. We love the Westlab magnesium bath salts and wallow in them ourselves when we need help to relax and re-centre in the evening. We initially started using these with our little people to help with dry skin and eczema but we’re total converts to the magic powers of an Epsom salt bath to help us all relax. Westlab do a special mix just for kids too.

Westlab kids bath salts


3)    Our two eldest Wildlings were gifted Bloom & Blossom Pillow Spray by Santa in their stockings a couple of years back and it has now become a bit of a ritual at bedtimes. They love that their products are Roald Dahl themed and decorated with gorgeous Quentin Blake illustrations. The BFG’s Pillow Spray has been a great hit here.  We’re loving their recent re-brand too! We’ve also had fun making our own aromatherapy concoctions to help us relax, by filling pulse point rollerball bottles with combinations of lavender, sandalwood and camomile oils.  

bob & blossom pillow spray

4)    If our kids’ minds are racing as they crawl between the sheets and they still can’t switch off after 3 (or more!) bedtime stories, good old audible often comes to the rescue. Our small people love to drift off listening to an audiobook. Recently we’ve been loving Kensuke's Kingdom by Michael Morpugo and Evie in the Jungle by Matt Haig. In fact, we’ve been known to drift off to them too…

5)    We’ve also love the Lizzie Loves Be Sleepy Natural Remedy. Along with magnesium, the sachets contain melatonin-packed Montmorency sour cherry, which has been shown to shorten the time taken to fall asleep and increase the time asleep…

lizzie loves be sleepy sachets

6)    Last, but by no means least, we’re big advocates of a comforting herbal brew before traipsing upstairs to the land of nod. Camomile tea has been a staple in our houses before bed for as long as we can remember and we wanted our little people to be able to enjoy it’s calming effect too. 
Small & Wild’s Snoozy Fox Tea for kids has been carefully crafted to create the perfect blend to relax testing toddlers, chaotic kids and anxious teens alike. Ideal for before bed, our Snoozy Fox tea contains camomile (which comes with a whole host of benefits and has been used for centuries to treat everything from upset stomachs to insomnia) alongside stress-reducing lavender, relaxing lemon balm and spearmint, which is known to aid digestion.

We also follow the lovely @helpbabysleep on Instagram for regular reassurance. Emma has two children herself, aged 7 & 4 years and reminds us of the importance of taking a gentle, supportive approach with our little people as well as the comfort that can be found in consistency and routine. 

Sending all our happy tea drinkers love and luck with the clock change. We would love to hear how you cope with it and any top tips you would like to share!

Happy Snoozing…

Becky & Kate


toddler drinking herbal tea