Ideas for Cosy Night in with Your Families During the Busy Christmas Season

The Christmas season is our favourite time of year to spend time with our families, so we wanted to share some fun and festive family activities to try for a cosy night in…

Watch a festive film: 

These are our top 5 festive films to watch as a family during the Christmas season


How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

(We like to watch the new animated film too!)

The Muppet Christmas Carol

Home Alone 

Miracle on 34th Street 

Brew Mint Choco tea for the whole family:

For a yummy treat while watching a film or after dinner, we love to brew up our Mint Choco tea for everyone to enjoy. We like to add a splash of milk for a healthy alternative to hot chocolate with a mint twist. 

How to make:  

  • Pop one tea bag in your favourite Christmas mug 
  • Brew in ⅔ boiling water and ⅓ cold water for at least five minutes 
  • For a healthy, minty hot chocolate, add in a splash of milk!

Games & Crafts:

Building gingerbread houses

One of our favorite places to get gingerbread house-making kits is from IKEA!

Playing games

Our favourites to play as a family are Pictionary and Name on the head!

Write to Father Christmas 

Earlier in the season, we love to sit down as a family and write to Father Christmas. 

Merry Christmas! 

Team Small & Wild x