Give the gift of ‘presence’

by Ruth Sabrosa, Certified Hypnotherapist, Hypnobirthing Practitioner, founder of Mindful Mothering and mum of three wonderful little girls.

Pre-Christmas chaos is in full swing. It’s the most wonderful time of the year but it’s also one of the busiest times for parents, so I’d like to share a few tips on connecting with your children and giving them the gift of presence this season.

After a day spent apart from my children there’s nothing I love more than sitting down at the table with a pot of Small & Wild Snoozy Fox tea and our favourite snacks and re-connecting, catching up on their day and listening without distractions. This particular tea calms us all down and sets us up for the evening.

We also like to create mini rituals and since my sister has been staying with us we have been celebrating the lunar cycle and hosting a circle at the new and full moons. We love sharing our intentions and what we are grateful for.

Children spell love “T.I.M.E”, so be sure to give them plenty of that during the holidays. Perhaps you could suggest experiences to family members who are unsure of what to gift your children this year. 

Less is more – give your child self-esteem and value – bring them to a mother and child circle that I host with Tomato Education and take the pressure off yourself.

It’s important to give yourself time too so that you can be everything you want to be for your children. I run regular Mindful Mothering sessions at Yogaloom studio in Muswell Hill and recently hosted a very special ‘Pre-Christmas De-Stress’ at the Life Centre in Islington. 

Finally could you punctuate your day with a pause? Just for a moment of reflection before becoming consumed with Christmas consumerism. Presence is your present and a gift to yourself.

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