Easter games (egg-cellent fun guaranteed)

Hopefully we’ve inspired you to host an Easter tea party at home. To keep things fun and the whole family involved, all you need to do now is add a few games and activities into the mix. Here are a few of our favourites:

Easter egg hunt

The humble egg hunt is sure-fire hit from toddlers to teens and needs no explanation. To make it a little more challenging for older kids, write clues to lead them to each egg. Alternatively, write letters on the eggs and task them with finding the eggs to spell out their name. 

Easter Basket and eggs with small & wild tea

Scavenger hunt

Give kids have a list of items to find in the house or garden. The winner is the one that finds all items on the list first.

Tea Tray Memory Game 

Set up a tray with different tea-related items (around 20). Show it to your guests and give them a minute to look at it. Then take the tray away or cover with a tea towel and ask everyone to write down the items they remember. The winner is the one who has the most correct answers. 

Lookabout game

A classic Victorian parlour game and one for a rainy day: the host picks an item – (a vase, picture frame or book) shows it to guests and asks them to leave the room. The host then hides it, guests return and attempt to locate the object. Players take a seat whenever they spot it, and the last person remaining becomes the next hider.

And here is our Small & Wild Family Easter Quiz which will challenge the big kids and grown ups!

Enjoy, and do let us know any favourite games of your own.