Eco products for the home

Being a planet-friendly, sustainable company has always been at the heart of Small & Wild, reflecting our love for nature with beautiful natural ingredients, plastic-free packaging and compostable tea bags. 

Small & Wild boxes with plastic free logo

Day-to-day we’re always on the lookout for eco-friendly brands to help us reduce our environmental impact at home too, with a big part of this being a move to refillable products to cut down on plastic waste. 

With it currently being Great Big Green Week and with World Refill Day on the 16th June - we thought we’d share some of our favourite refillable and eco-friendly products to use in the house. 


Now that the large 5L sizes of Ecover are more readily available through both Ocado and Amazon, we’ve been able to get into the habit of refilling at home for both our laundry and cleaning products, making it more affordable and meaning no more emergency purchases when we run out! We appreciate the use of plant-based ingredients in Ecover products and the company’s commitment to a renewable supply chain.

Ecover 5l refill laundry


We’re really excited by the concept of concentrate refills that you dilute at home - it seems a no brainer in terms of reducing packaging and minimising the carbon impact of transporting heavy liquid products. Neat does just this with concentrate cleaning product refills. We especially like the plant-derived bathroom and kitchen sprays. The refillable aluminium bottles are also both stylish and practical which always help. Available from Waitrose, Tesco and Ocado

Neat refill cleaning bottles set


As a fellow female-founded business, we’ve been following the journey of Laura and her zero plastic cleaning tools from the early days and it’s been fantastic to see how the company has grown. We especially love the brilliant all-purpose bamboo cloths and the kids were super impressed with the magic of the pop-up spongeswhich arrive looking like a piece of paper, and then transform with the addition of water. 

seep zero plastic cleaning sponges

Faith in Nature

When a company gives nature a board position, as Faith in Nature has done, you know sustainability is well and truly at the heart of everything they are doing. We’ve been longtime fans of Faith in Nature’s UK manufactured natural hair and body products. The company is super transparent in its mission to do good and open about both successes and challenges. They have a fantastic online shop to buy refills directly (with 20% off when you subscribe to their newsletter) and these are increasingly available from other retailers too now.

Faith in nature 5l refill



Another game-changing product for us a few years back was Wild Deodorant. With gorgeous cases that really last, we love being able to now pick and choose refills depending on what we fancy at the time. They have brilliant limited editions, so it feels great to be able to still experiment with minimal waste. The plastic free mini deodorants are also brilliant for travelling. Now they are available in Tesco they are even easier to pick up with a regular shop.

Wild deodorant refills

Naked Sprout

Claiming the position of the UK’s most sustainable tissue products, Naked Sprout is relatively new to the scene, having only launched in 2020. Since then, the husband and wife duo have saved over 223, 000 kg of plastic and 117, 500 litres of harsh chemicals from polluting the planet.  Not only is their tissue made from eco-friendly raw materials, but the production is all powered by renewable energy, which means their climate footprint is just half of that of other eco brands. Their toilet tissue, kitchen roll and tissue boxes are all available to buy as one-off or subscription purchases on their website

Naked sprout bamboo toilet roll



We were intrigued to see these space-saving dishwasher and laundry sheets pop up on our social channels recently. Having experienced the frustration of half-dissolved tablets, we’d love to give these biodegradable sheets a go. They’ve been crafted with certified biodegradable plant-based ingredients and don’t contain the toxic chemicals that are present in traditional laundry detergents. Hypoallergenic and with a neutral pH, they’re gentle on clothes and skin too. 

Dip dishwasher zero waste sheets


We’d love to hear your favourites too - as well your sustainable beauty and clothing swaps as we are always on the lookout for these, we’ll share ours soon.

Happy Great Big Green Week!

Kate & Becky x