A cup of tea and a good book

Some time ago, back towards the start of our Small & Wild journey, we spoke with the lovely Shelley, founder of Ivy's Library.

Ivy's Library is, in Shelley's words, 'a project driven by the sheer joy of reading, by a desire to introduce brilliant books beyond big-budget bestsellers, and by a determination to encourage families, carers and teachers to incorporate inclusive stories that encompass and celebrate diverse characters into children’s bookshelves.'

The Ivy's Library website, is a treasure trove of bitesize book reviews by her and her young daughter, Ivy. An absolute expert, we asked Shelley to pick a book to go with a cup of each of our animal teas...

by Shelley John, Ivy's Library

There’s nothing more relaxing than sitting in the quiet with a cup of tea in your hand and a good book on your lap - although as busy parents these moments of calm are unfortunately now few and far between! Wouldn’t it be great if your child could share this feeling with you? Well now they can!

Small & Wild teas come in 4 delicious flavour combinations, each represented by an animal. Here at Ivy’s Library we’ve done our research and we have found the perfect book to go with each tea.

Pair Jolly Croc Tea with… The Watermelon Seed by Greg Pizzoli

Ever since he was tiny Crocodile has loved eating watermelon. If he could he would eat it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even dessert. He loves it! But then one day he accidentally swallows a watermelon seed. He starts to worry about what will happen to him. Will it grow in his tummy? Will it turn him pink? Will watermelon vines grow out of his ears? Find out in this adorable board book about a little croc with a big appetite.

Pair Merry Tiger Tea with… Don’t Wake Up Tiger! By Britta Teckentrup

A small band of excited animals need to get to a surprise party in a hurry but there’s a very large, sleepy tiger lying in their way and they don’t want to wake him up! Using their ingenuity (and a big bunch of balloons) they take it in turns to quietly float across the dozing animal. Can Frog, Fox, Tortoise, Mouse and Pelican all make it across without touching the Tiger or making a noise?

Pair Happy Toucan Tea with… Two Can Toucan by David McKee

We all recognise the toucan as a brightly coloured bird with a beautiful beak, but have you ever wondered how he came to be this way and how he got his unusual name? This story starts with a plain, nameless bird who lives in a colourful jungle. One day he leaves to seek his fortune and whilst working for a painter, he trips and gets sticky, coloured paint all over himself! Feeling like a failure he returns to the jungle – but what will his friends make of his new look?

Pair Snoozy Fox Tea with… Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss

This little book of tongue tanglers by Dr. Seuss needs no introduction and is guaranteed to get your little person giggling. Sock, chicks, foxes and bricks. Beetles, battles, puddles and paddles. The mischievous fox in a pair of blue socks leads us through a variety of nonsensical twisters, coupled with equally loony pictures to illustrate each rhyme. If you can say the final tongue twister on the first go then I am genuinely very impressed!


We hope you enjoy this little selection. For more reviews you can visit us at www.ivyslibrary.com.

Do visit your local library or local bookshop to pick up a copy of any of these that inspire you!